American Standard Comercial Water Heaters

Light To Medium Duty

Gas Models

76,100-83,000 BTUs

Heavy Duty Direct Spark

Ignition and Flue

Dampered Gas Series

125,000-512,000 BTUs

Electric Models

6-54 KW

Storage Tanks

80-120 Gallons

Designed and


to the Highest Standard

American Standard energy efficient natural and propane gas commercial water heaters are designed to deliver large amounts of hot water economically on a commercial basis. Vent sizes and top, rear and front water connections evince American Standard commercial gas water heaters as universal replacements for all brands. Whether used singly, connected to other units or to American Standard storage tanks, they can provide a totally independent hot water system.

American Standard Commercial Electric Models are ideal for point-of-use installations.

American Standard commercial tanks are constructed with heavy guage steel, interiors completely enameled with DURA-GLAStm to resist the corrosive effects of hot water, are hydrostatically tested and rated for 150 psi working pressure and protected with multiple long-life anode rods. Gas models are CSA International design-certified and meet or exceed federal and state energy efficiency, recovery and standby loss requirements. Commercial Electric models are Underwriter Laboratories listed.

American Standard commercial water heaters are backed with a three-year limited warranty on the inner tank (five years on storage tanks) and a one-year limited warranty on all other component parts.

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